KayLim Resources Bhd
KayLim Resources Bhd

KayLim Resources Bhd, a company limited by guarantee, was formed by the late Dato’ Lim Keng Kay to spearhead not-for-profit ventures and its main objects are:-

i) To build and/or operate retirement villages that shall provide accommodation facilities and services that embrace older people of all cultures, religions, races or creed as valued members of our community

ii) To build and/or operate nursing homes that shall provide and/or make accessible a range of medical, nursing, allied and complementary therapies to the elderly people who require assisted living; and

iii) To promote the enhancement of standards in health care especially in the areas of geriatrics and to continuously improve all processes that support patient care, education and research by supporting and/or working with current establishments/organisations that share similar objectives.

iv) To promote the enhancement of education by supporting financially establishments and/or organisations that share similar objectives.